Ditch the most infamous chocolate spread! Let me tell you why and how !

Hopefully this alternative to « the chocolate spread that won’t be named » will inspire you.

Here at Isabelle Currat Coaching, we aim to promote a healthy relationship to foods and avoid labelling them as good or bad. You can make smarter choices on a continuum, but we don’t call fries or chocolate evil.

Neither do we request from you to never eat them when following our program. A sustainable approach to fat-loss and staying lean doesn’t not equate with an all or nothing mentality.

That being said, we are always happy to raise awareness about the addictive power of sugar and unhealthy fats, especially when the worst of both of these macro worlds combine.

Your average hazelnut spread is unquestionably great at marketing, but truly sucks at nourishing your body. While encouraging kids to stop skipping breakfast sounds right, leading them to consume nutrient-void, calorie-laden processed products to start the day makes me cringe, for more than one reason.

Here are the top ones:

Numero uno, the first ingredient: white refined sugar. Needless to say more, unless you just emerged from a cave after 20 years of hermitage.

Second, while we are fans of healthy fats, the “vegetable oils” (understand processed) present in your regular spread have nothing natural. If it was created in a lab, it probably takes a lab to process it.

Last but not least, I can already hear addicts screaming that hey, what about health-champs, hazelnuts? Sorry, you are being fooled again. Comparing calories and macros in hazelnut and our “not so great for kids and adults melted candy bar in a jar” will have you sighing with disappointment.

Hazelnuts (100g)

Calories 628

(Healthy) Fat 60.75g Carbs (Naturally occurring) 16.7g Protein 14.95g

Calorie breakdown: 81% fat, 11% carbs, 8% protein

Chocolate spread (100g)

Calories 530

(Unhealthy) Fat 31g Carbs (White sugar) 56g Protein 6.8g

Calorie breakdown: 52% fat, 44% carbs, 4% protein

Mind the significant difference in fats and carbs, bearing in mind all calories were not created equal!

Let’s move on to the good news. If you still feel like enjoying eating your sugar palm oil spread, go ahead. We won’t judge you. Just make sure you do so slowly and mindfully. If it’s about to hit your trash bin or already lying there for incineration, we’re sincerely proud of you. Give yourself a pat in the back!

Wasting sucks. You may decide to buy smarter options from now on and gift your remaining container(s) to a neighbor (real friends don’t let real friends eat that!).

As alluded to in the title, here is our favorite solution.

Ingredients (3, as promised)

  • 3 fresh yolks from organic or at least free-range eggs (respect your food, especially from animal sources: don’t ditch the whites and click here for a yummy way to use them!)

  • 20g low-fat organic cocoa

  • Stevia: to taste (or natural sweetener of your choice)


  • dash of ground cinnamon

  • organic praline powder (if hooked to the nutty taste)


With a fork, gently whisk the yolks and Stevia. Sprinkle and blend the low-fat cocoa into the preparation until well combined. Stir vigorously for a minute until mass thickens.

Gourmet tip: refrigerate for at least half an hour and watch bubbles forming on top. Fluffy texture guaranteed!

Enjoy slowly, mindfully and don’t forget to clean your chocolate mustache afterwards!

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