Overnight vegan low carb crunchy breakfast. Start the day right!

Lacking time does not have to mean skipping meals. Especially not in the morning!

This healthy recipe works wonders for busy people who want to ensure they have a healthy first meal available upon waking up, without the hassle of cooking or a long preparation time.

You can have fun with different toppings and layer it with your favorite apple sauce, yogurt, our beloved zoats or even our classic chocolate avocado mousse so you never get bored of it!

The only catch? Prepare this yummy breakfast treat the night before so that it gets the required time to set. Also feel free to adjust the amount of almond milk to reach the thickness you desire.

Eat it at home or in the office (as a snack) since it’s a great portable option. No leak guaranteed! Just be prepared to get some attention and ready to answer your colleagues’ questions :)

Harness the power of chia seeds! Rich in fiber, protein and even more in omega 3, they will keep you full, satisfied and energized for longer than a vending machine snack or any other nutrient-poor pastry.

These nutrition champs did not land into the category of super foods by accident!

Neutral in taste, they turn into a jelly texture when combined with liquids by absorbing them.

Set your timer, all it takes is 2’ tops for the basic version of the recipe.


  • 2.5 dl organic almond milk (or other milk of preference)

  • 2 soup spoons organic chia seeds

  • Stevia or healthy sweetener of choice: to taste


  • 2 scoops vegan protein powder (chocolate, vanilla, coconut are great options) if you are keen on bumping up the protein content

  • bite-sized pieces of fresh fruit for topping (mango, berries, cantaloupe, banana, whatever is in season!)

  • coconut flakes, homemade granola, nuts for decoration

  • spices (ground cinnamon, turmeric, dash of nutmeg)


Pour the chia seeds, milk, Stevia (and protein powder if using it) into a Mason jar or sealable container. Shake it, and stir it again about 30’ later to prevent the mix from clumping.

Top with spices and fruit to your liking.

Place into the refrigerator.

Stir once more before serving.

If layering, you will need an extra step and wait until the pudding reaches a firm texture so that the different layers keep separated.

Sleep well and look forward to setting yourself up for success tomorrow!

As always, enjoy slowly and mindfully.

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