The surprising problem with calorie counting. [Infographic] Part 2: ‘Calories Out'.

Think meticulous calorie counting means knowing exactly how much breakfast you’re burning during exercise? Unfortunately, it’s more complicated than that. Here, 4 reasons why daily activity tracking and exercise counts can be problematic.

We recently ran an infographic revealing some of the hidden imperfections of calorie math.

Of course, when I say “hidden”, I mean “unknown to most”. Because scientists — at least those specializing in nutrition — have known about calorie math’s quirks for a long time.

The calorie certainly has its uses, and knowing how to apply calorie counts properly is a crucial skill for health and fitness pros.

However, despite what most people think, meticulous calorie counting simply isn’t a “must” when it comes to weight management — and that goes for ‘calories in’ and ‘calories out’.

In this infographic, we present 4 reasons why depending on calorie burn estimates for weight management can be really problematic.

It’ll change your understanding of how nutrition and exercise work together to achieve (or maintain) a fit, healthy body. If you’re a fitness pro, it might change how you coach and communicate with clients.

Still wondering what to do and how to make this information work for you?

Check out our nutrition coaching programs for men and women. We will be happy to contribute to your success!

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