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Personal Training

Get the body and energy of your dreams!

  • 125 francs suisses
  • chez Isabelle Currat Coaching ou séance en ligne

Description du service

Programs tailored to women's concerns: ​ ֍ Weight loss (body fat) ֍ Tone, reshape and sculpt your shape ֍ Flatten and firm your stomach ֍ Improve your cardio, move with pleasure ֍ Long-term benefits and rapid progress ֍ Take a moment just for yourself, release your stress Your goal becomes mine! Training plans designed by a woman, for all women. Now is the time to increase your chances of success: ֍ Close monitoring for optimum consistency and motivation ֍ Meticulous individual attention for safety and performance ֍ Support from an enthusiastic, dynamic professional with over 15 years' experience who's ready to listen to you Effective personalized sessions, the confidence of doing the right thing and regularity: the certainty of obtaining the body and energy of your dreams!

Politique d'annulation

🇫🇷 Toutes les séances annulées moins de 24h ouvrables avant le rendez-vous sont dues. 🇺🇸 All sessions cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment will be charged.



Chemin de la Corna 5, Bulle, Suisse

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