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Summer = Ice Cream!!

Who does not love ice cream? Let me start by telling you a little secret: we actually enjoy it year round here at YzzieFit Nutrition Coaching.

As always, we combine balance and pleasure by revisiting this classic treat with a few tweaks to ensure it is nourishing and good for your whole body – not only your taste buds!

All ice creams were not created equal, so let me share with you how to prepare your own at home. This recipe is easy, preparation time extremely short and since it contains only a few healthy ingredients, you can savor it absolutely guilt-free. Another win-win scenario that we love!

The only prerequisite? You will need an ice cream turbine for best texture and absolutely yummy results. We are aware of the investment but trust us, this machine will be paid off in no time.

Did you ever notice the hefty price tag on the most popular industrial ice creams out there? Definitely not worth the loads of sugar, dirty dairy and processed components such as colorings and flavor enhancers. In a nutshell, a laundry list of chemicals!

Manufacturers know exactly what it takes for you to crave their products and totally lose control around them. This is actually the full-time job of some marketing experts. Raise your hand if you never shamefully engulfed a whole pint of ice cream to yourself - when you were initially planning to eat “just one scoop” for dessert. I surely did! Going back and forth between the freezer and the sofa, swearing it is the last serving. Multiple times until it is all gone...

We guarantee that in this recipe, we stripped off all the nasties that give you the munchies. Warning: even the pictures of the step-by-step procedure will make you drool!


  • 3 unflavored yogurts of 125g each (we personally use organic goat milk or soy versions)

  • 20g organic low-fat cocoa powder

  • 2 scoops protein powder (we love vegan chocolate and vanilla) to increase protein content and creaminess

  • Healthy sweetener of choice (stevia, erythritol or xylitol): to taste


  • Cocoa bean chips to ad crunchiness

  • Spices (ground cinnamon, a dash of Cayenne pepper of nutmeg)

Topping ideas

Homemade granola, coconut flakes, fresh fruit or nuts are all great options.


Pour all the ingredients into a bowl and combine them well to obtain a smooth texture.

Transfer the mix into the container of your ice cream turbine and follow the instructions of your own appliance to put it to work.

Be patient for about 45’ and… voilà! Super quick, simple and delicious!

As always, enjoy slowly and mindfully.

Of course, store in the freezer in case you have left overs!

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