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With September around the corner, it feels like summer will soon be coming to an end yet temperatures are surprisingly high.

What a great opportuntiy to make the most out of it: ice cream is still in order!

Are you pressed for time with the start of the school year or going back to work after your holiday? This recipe is as simple as it gets, while respecting our main criteria when it comes down to food: healthy and yummy:)

A few blog posts ago, we shared with you our (N)ice cream recipe that requires a proper ice turbine.

Today, let's keep it short and sweet.

As always, we make it a point to honor our promises and... yes!

All you need is one ingredient (toppings aside).

We go bananas!

This recipe is great to curb a sweet craving and we guarantee you will love both its taste and soft ice texture.

Even tough you are generally not the biggest banana fan out there: do NOT skip this ice cream version. It really takes that fruit to a brand new level and experience.

No need to follow a vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free or a no-added-sugar diet to enjoy it!

Did we pique your curiosity?

BANAN'ICE CREAM RECIPE (without ice cream maker!)


1 medium banana per person


  • 30g organic peanut butter (or nut butter of your choice)

  • 0.5 dl coconut milk (or other preferred milk)

  • Drizzle of honey or 2 pitted dates for additional sweetness

  • A cup of chocolate chips

  • One tablespoon of cocoa powder or couple of raw cacao beans

  • Natural vanilla extract, dash of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom


Chose ripe bananas to ensure they are sweet and relatively soft.

Remove the peel and cut them in regular small chunks.

Freeze them in a bag or container for a minimum of 3 hours, ideally overnight if possible.

Place your frozen bananas in a high speed processor and blend them until you obtain a gooey ice cream texture.

It might take a few minutes depending on the quantity. Just keep pulsating until the magic happens!

If you want to add optional ingredients, you can mix them in now.

Pour into serving cups or glasses.

Insert a piece of high quality chocolate or a dollop of coconut cream chantilly for decoration.

Be ready to impress your guests!

Truth is, we love this recipe so much here at YzzieFit that we always store some bananas in our freezer, should improvized guests pop up or in case we feel like indulging with a healthy movie-night snack...


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